Moorings are granted to individuals and are restricted to an individual for the mooring of a specific Vessel. Terms and conditions apply as set out in these regulations


Fees for the Year Commencing 1stApril 2012



Private Mooring Fees (exclusive of VAT)

 Fees are calculated at a rate of:

£11.00per foot for tiered moorings

£10.00 per foot for walled moorings

Minimum period 12 months.
Payable annually in advance.

Visitor Moorings (exclusive of VAT)

 Up to 20 ft£15.00 per night

20ft - 30ft   £22.50 per night

30ft – 40ft £27.50 per night

40ft – 50ft  £40.00 per night

 Payable on day of arrival

Slipway Fees (exclusive of VAT)

Per launch         £12.50

Per week           £40.00

Per 6 months    £110.00

Payable in advance

Shipyard Dues (exclusive of VAT)

£0.60 per foot per week  if paying harbour dues
£0.80 per foot per week if not paying harbour dues

 Payable annually in advance




Annual mooring fees are payable in advance. Invoices are issued in March each year covering the period 1st April to 31st March

Terms of payment are strictly 14 days from the date of the invoice.

By paying the mooring fees, the party to whom the Mooring is allocated contractually accepts the Terms and Conditions as set out in these Regulations and agrees to comply with them.

Failure to pay the fees within 14 days of the date of invoicewill result in an arrears charge of £10 and interest being charged at the rate of 2% per month or part thereafter from the commencement of the mooring yearwith a minimum charge of £5.  If payment is not received by 30 April, then Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company will take steps to recover the invoiced fees and all costs associated with this action will be payable in addition to the mooring charge.

 If payment remains outstanding after 30days, Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companyreserves both the right to determine any entitlement to moor in the Harbour and the right to remove the vessel from the Harbour, the costs of which will be payable by the vessel owner.

 Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companyreserves the right to grant or to refuse a mooring at its discretion.

 The same payment timescales will apply in the case of a Mooring or other Permission being granted after 1stApril.


 A mooring permission will only be granted to an Individual/Owner of aspecificidentified Vessel. The mooring is only to be used to moor thatVessel. The Permissioncannot be transferred either to another individual or another Vessel without the consent of Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companywhich reserves the right to deny or grant consent at its sole discretion.

 An administration fee of £10 will be charged prior to any application being considered.If consent is granted, a charge may be made, the amount of which will be determined by Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companyvhaving regard to the circumstances of the application.  Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companywill only progress an application when mooring fees and administrationcharges are fully paid up-to-date.

It is a condition of the mooring or other permission that the relevant party is responsible to ensure that Porthleven Harbour & Dock Companyis advised of any changes to contact details.

If you wish to surrender or transfer a mooring, please contact the Harbour Master to complete the necessary paperwork.



Vessel Owners are responsible for their own insurance and must provide a copy of their policy document to Porthleven Harbour & Dock Company  each year together with evidence of payment of the policy.Vessel Owners must have a minimum of third party insurance with cover of at least £1million to moor a Vessel in the Harbour.


  1. There is a 5 knot speed limit within theOuter Harbour and 3 knot speed limit in the Inner Harbour. All Vessels should travel at such a speed so as not to cause discomfort or danger to others on the water.The Harbour Master will advise as to the suitability of areas for various activities

  2.    The playing of loud music is prohibited within the Harbour.

  3.    No Vessel should be operated by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs within the Harbour.

  4. Vessels should be navigated in the Harbour with care and caution especially in the vicinity of swimming and bathing places or in or near small craft moorings. Any event or collision should be reported, without delay, to the Harbour Master’s Office

  5. Owners and Masters of Vessels are required to provide the Harbour Master with insurance, voyage,Vessel details and other information as may be reasonably required. Thirdpartyinsurance cover is required as a minimum for private moorings and is to be approved by the Harbour Master.

  6. No commercial or private fisherman or any other party shall lay lines, nets, pots or floating gear attached in areas that are used as fairways or in a position that is likely to cause obstruction to other Harbour Users.

  7. Any Vessel picking up any mooring that has not been registered to that Vessel should contact the Harbour Office to ensure that it is available for use and the mooring is suitable for the Vessel.

  8. Any Vessel picking up any mooring that has not been registered to that Vessel should contact the Harbour Office to ensure that it is available for use and the mooring is suitable for the Vessel.

  9. The deposit of rubbish, waste, discarded equipment or litter of any description in the Harbour, the Shipyard or the vicinity of either is strictly forbidden.  Any such rubbish shall be removed on the instruction of the Harbour Master and failure to comply with such instruction shall render the party responsible for such deposit for all costs and expense incurred by the Porthleven Harbour & dock Company in its removal.

  10. Annual mooring/yard fees are payable in advance and in accordance with Porthleven Harbour & Dock CompanyTerms and Conditions.No use of a mooring is permitted without the permission of the Harbour Master.

  11. Visitor mooring fees are payable on the day of arrival into the Harbour.

  12. The Porthleven harbour Mooring Rules, Regulations and Terms and Conditions are available for viewing at the Harbour Office or on its website: www.porthlevenharbour.co.uk.